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‘Circus of six rounds’ – Lucas Browne hits out at Paul Gallen as pair agree to April 14 bout

Lucas Browne has again launched a verbal attack on Paul Gallen after signing on for the pair’s upcoming fight.

After a long-winded war of words on social media, sparked by Browne calling Gallen out for fighting UFC fighters, the pair will finally enter the ring in April.

41-year-old Browne, who hasn’t fought since beating John Hopoate in November 2019, tweeted a photo of him signing the contract this week.

It’s expected the April 14 date will officially be confirmed in the coming weeks, after a verbal stand-off online between the pair.

Gallen had previously hit out at Browne about holding up the fight from going ahead due to a complication with promoters on his end.

“Lucas if you want the fight – I’ve got bigger fish to fry at the back end of the year, not bums like you – you need to sort yourself out and take a bit of a reduced fee. The fight is there for you. Stop carrying on like I’m the one dobbing it because it’s not me,” Gallen said in January.

The comments triggered an immediate response from Browne, who said it was Gallen who was stalling.

“I’ve agreed, you’ve agreed and everyone has f*****g agreed – all we have to do is get in there and fight,” Browne said on Instagram in January.

“It’s now up to the promoters to figure out what the f*** is going on.

“Let’s stop bullshitting around, let’s get in there and do it.”

And despite the two settling on a date, Browne has again been set off by an apparent request from Gallen’s team to shorten the bout.

“In typical Paul Gallen fashion, I’ve been informed by his team through my manager that he doesn’t want a ten-round fight anymore, he wants a six-round fight,” Browne said this week, after signing on the dotter line.

“So going from wanting to prove himself against an actual boxer, back to a circus of six rounds.”

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